Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Who says you need friends to have a friendship bracelet?

Hello there.

I know it took so long for me to post anything in this blog. That's probably because I forgot about this blog. Also, I couldn't think of anything to write about, but today, I decided to post this.

Recently, a lot of people on my Facebook and Instagram have posted about loom bands which are bracelets made out of colorful rubber bands. I'm not really a big fan of them but I like wearing bracelets and anklets, which reminded me of friendship bracelets.

Before these new breed of bracelets came into the picture, there were friendship bracelets which were given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. It is often handmade, using embroidery floss or thread. 

I think when I was younger, someone told me friendship bracelets were not meant to be removed. The reason behind this is when the bracelet is tied, you or your friend makes a wish and when the bracelet is worn out and falls off on its own, your wish will supposedly be granted. Such a meaningful thing, right? I don't know if it's true, but hey, there's no harm in trying. As for me, I make my own instead of buying because it's cheaper.

And yes, I am cheap when it comes to things like these and contrary to popular belief, I like making my own stuff. It only costs about 13php more or less for some embroidery thread or 70php, more or less for monaco threads and you can choose the colors that you want, unlike the ready made bracelets that you find in some bazaars which costs about 20php each.

My best friend asked me to make her some friendship bracelets because she says that they were kind of expensive to buy in the US, so I made some for her.

Here are some of the accessories that I've finished last week:

Most of them are anklets and they are really easy to make. If you want, I can post a "how to" on these friendship bracelets. Just hit me up with some comments.

Have a nice day! :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Hello world! This marks the birth of my blog and there's nothing you can do about it. This page was conceived out of boredom and we both know that it's the reason why you're here, isn't it?

Kidding aside, I just missed writing for myself, and for someone else to read. The last time I wrote something I liked was more than a year ago, and it was brief. You wouldn't even believe how proud I was to write things that were very unrelated to my personality.

This time, anything goes with my writing. This blog may be composed of things about love, hate, weirdness, spoilers, or maybe things that are entertaining to you--or maybe not. Anyway, I just wanted to say "hello" to a fellow reader as bored as me.

What to expect?

Well, I would love to write about movies, series, simple life hacks, love, life and mostly, anything under the sun which I find interesting. Hopefully, you do too. So watch out for surprises.😉